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New Browser For Android Reviews

Samsung Internet Browser APP

First up we have Samsung Internet. and I never thought I would recommend the Samsung software because you know sluggish UI. but when UI has done good things and the browser seems good. before you begin performance and speed is not big of a deal amongst these web browsers. so, Samsung Internet is based on chromium 71 to be precise which is not that latest.

But my favorite thing about the Samsung internet is you can password protect your incognito mode. and the outstanding part is it works with your biometrics as well.
We have had fingerprint sensors on a smartphone since 2013 but rarely I have seen browsers using them.  Anyways with Android tens biometric API.

Samsung Internet can use fingerprint face and log readiness scanning data to unlock your incognito mode as well as save passwords. with the normal browser you just tap on the saved password and it auto-fills. whereas with Samsung internet, it verifies your fingerprint. this additional layer of security prevents people from logging into your Facebook.

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If they get your phone, I think said that I would still recommend using dedicated password managers like LastPass one password, etc. Samsung internet checks most of the boxes of being the ideal browser but here is where it fails. the sync options. Samsung doesn’t have an extra variant of the browser so you would have to rely on Firefox or Chrome.

On one hand, the Firefox of the sync works well you sign in with your Firefox account. it’s done, but for Chrome, you have to use the Samsung internet extension and it can only sync bookmarks which are again quite a process. so, who should use this? well if you have a Samsung device. and if you aren’t bothered about the cross-platform sink too much Samsung internet mix.

Samsung Internet Browser APP

Edge Chromium APP

Each chromium from the vial is already out. and I would say it’s still not there yet but I’ve already switched over to edge and I have my reasons. first of all, switching from google chrome to the edge is simple. it improves your password form data bookmarks everything. and it is synced to the mobile app as well.

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However, I would like to point out tracking prevention history and OpenType sync hasn’t come yet on the Android version, talking about the features as offers continue on PC which allows you to continue the same article on your desktop. again, it is not one time but it works. you can do the same on other chromium browsers by enabling the clipboard sync flag.

The thing that impressed me the most is Microsoft’s activity page. similar to Google’s my activity page Microsoft also has an activity page wherein you can view all your browser history and data collection. you can choose to delete all the data which is good. however, I didn’t find a periodic deletion option like the one Google introduced recently.

Edge Chromium APP

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Tor Browser APP

Tor browser as you know is famous for the Tor network. in case you don’t know. Every time you make a query where the tor browser it bounces your connection through three different talk lines until it reaches the server. so, it helps protect your anonymity on the web.

One of the most popular reasons why people use tor is dark web. of course, we won’t go deep into the deep web or the dark web but in general, certain websites cannot be accessed through your regular data browser. For example, ProPublica is a popular American NGO that supports investigative journalism.

Tor Browser APP

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Brave Browser APP

Next up is brave which is essentially Chrome but with added security and privacy updates. I have used brave for a year or so until recently I switched over to edge chromium.

But here’s what’s great about brave the privacy and security features brave offers have no comparison. in addition to adblocking and tracking prevention, it even has fingerprinting protection. Which I don’t see anyone doing on this list. in case you didn’t know about fingerprinting web sites are notorious in uniquely identifying you even when the type of prevention is on. it is done by injecting invisible HTML code through canvas fingerprinting or storing cookies. then the browsing data is sold to third-party. brave does a good job of protecting you against all of these.

One of my favorite features in brave is different search engines. like you can have Google search engine in normal mode and when you switch to incognito. you can jump to DuckDuckGO. so, all of this is good but here’s what I noticed with brave. It has recently started sending push notifications which are ads. you can turn that off in settings.

But it comes enabled by default as part of grave rewards. I want everyone to try a brave browser it has the best privacy features good ad model and the only browser in this list to of a separate DuckDuckGo search engine in incognito mode. and by the way, a quick shout out to give your browser it does something that no other browser or Android does it supports next up Chrome extensions.

Brave Browser APP

Vivaldi APP

Vivaldi launched is Android web browser back in September 2019 and it has been in beta since then. it’s a highly skinned version of chromium with lots of customizations.

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But essentially the same web engine. Apart from all the things that you get an interesting part with Vivaldi is end-to-end encryptions. while all the browsers in this list do provide encryption of some sorts it’s not end-to-end. the cloud server can still potentially read your data whereas in the case of Vivaldi you provide a password to encrypt the data so the cloud server cannot read it.

And my favorite part is the open tab synchronization. you can view the tabs that you have opened on your Android directly onto your desktop. just click on the cloud icon and you get your open tabs from the Android. you can do the same on your phone as well just go to the cloud tab and you can see the tabs you have open on your desktop.

The only major thing missing in Vivaldi is adblocking and tracking prevention. You don’t get it natively. who is this for? well if you like tinkering with your browser Vivaldi would be a good option. the next operation lets you customize font, tab design, DNS settings, hotkeys, etc. and the encrypted sync with the web browser is a nice addition.

Vivaldi APP

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Firefox Focus APP

We benchmark opening times of 5 different websites on each of these browsers these reps are ranged from being simple to heavy UI 3d WebGL etc. and as you can see there is no clear winner or a pattern. because most of them have the same web engine. in blink and v8. so, the bigger picture here is web browser war is between blink and gecko. since most of the web browsers are moving towards chromium.

The developers tend to test their websites only on chromium web engine blink. which explains everything. if you’re using Firefox on the desktop stick to it on Android as well everything works like the Google Chrome ecosystem. but what I want you to try is Firefox focus. Firefox focus only opens in incognito. and the only problem you’ll face is you get only one tap to use.

If you can get around that things are privacy private. If you want to stick to chrome do that but for incognito purposes, you can use Firefox focus dedicatedly.
It makes more sense than using incognito in google chrome. and with that, they go the list. and we would revisit browsers one edge mobile and desktop gets the same but until then this is exciting off.

Firefox Focus APP